Building Starts Here

Our History

Warner Robins Supply Company, Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned building materials supply company founded in 1947 by Ed and Vera Bayer in Warner Robins, Georgia.

After returning to St. Louis from World War II himself as a supply specialist, Ed realized that there would be a strong need for building materials, since the war effort created a shortage of materials for home construction. Research led to knowledge of the emerging military base in middle Georgia prompting Ed to pursue opportunities there. Post-WW II, the Army Air Corps expanded a military installation in Wellston, Georgia (later renamed Warner Robins to show community support of Robins Air Force Base). Leaving his recently-closed family’s grocer business in St. Louis, Ed and wife Vera loaded their newborn daughter and all their possessions into a car and trailer, striking east to find those opportunities.

Ed began his business buying surplus materials and other hardware items wherever he could find them from the docks in Savannah, Georgia to military surplus opportunities. Warner Robins Supply’s first location was established in a surplus Army tent on First Street near the Wellston railroad station in Warner Robins, Georgia. It quickly had to move into a building near that same location at the corner of First Street and Watson Boulevard.

With the growth of the town came the growth of the company and in turn the Bayer family grew with children Cheryl, Mark and Christine. Over time, all three children worked at the family’s business in one capacity or another. In 1952, Warner Robins Supply moved to a location on South Sixth Street, and then in 1974 a new location was constructed at 2756 Watson Boulevard. Today, the main retail store, lumber yard, door and window millworks shops, warehouses, wood shop, vehicle maintenance shop and corporate offices are housed at that same location. There is a second middle Georgia location that opened in 2004 at 604 Ball Street in Perry, Georgia as a retail store and lumber yard.

Due to Ed’s retirement, his son Mark assumed presidency and purchased ownership in 1978. Ed remained active in the company until he passed away in 1991. His two sisters, Cheryl and Christine continued to play a part in the growth of the family business. Cheryl’s husband, Jim Taylor was added to the management team in 2011.

In order to meet the growing demand of the housing market at the time and with the foresight to diversify geographically, Warner Robins Supply added a truss plant - Piedmont (Warner Robins) in 1991, Papa Bayer’s Lawn & Garden Center (Warner Robins) in 1992, Homeworks (Macon, Georgia) in 1994, Mountain Building Supply (Blairsville, Georgia) in 2003 and (Hayesville, North Carolina) in 2006. With a bold move to expand further, in 2007 Warner Robins Supply acquired Henson Building Materials that now has locations in Forest City, Black Mountain and Linville, North Carolina. Today, between the three regional areas are eight locations with retail stores and lumberyards, including a new Henson location in Landrum, South Carolina acquired in November 2012. Warner Robins Supply is continuously looking for opportunities to improve and grow, so they can stay sustainable and relevant in the marketplace today and in the future.